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Isn't She Lovely

What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You

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  • By the end of dinner, you're warming to Helen. You've heard a bit about her story, how boyfriend broke up with her because he wasn't ready for something serious—this after months of dating. It's a situation you can all relate to.

    As you get up to move on to the next place, Helen leading the way, people make way for her. You watch as men stop their conversations, and turn their heads to follow her. With every silently mouthed "wow," with every widened eye, a little bit of your newly grown affection for her dissipates. You feel like a troll. You blame it on her.

    After you witness a man practically tripping over himself to hold open the door for Helen, you've had enough. "I'm really tired," you say to the group. "I think I'm going to head home."

    You kiss everyone on the cheek, coming to Helen last of all. She looks at you with her big, preternaturally lavender eyes.

    "It was so, so nice to meet you," she says, hovering over you before she bends down to give you a quick hug. "I feel like we really connected. I'd love to hang out with you again soon."

    "Totally!" you lie. "I'll get your number from Judas," which, naturally, you never actually do.

Isn't She Lovely
What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You
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