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So Bad It's Good

Get A Calorie-Free Chocolate Fix

It's been an age-old problem: Love the chocolate; hate the calories. But Harvard biomedical engineer David Edwards seems to have solved it, the Daily Mail reports. In 2009, Edwards invented a less-than-one-calorie chocolate spray that is now available for purchase (and consumption) in three flavors: pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate and mint chocolate. Called “Le Whif,” the spray comes in lipstick-tube-size containers that allow you to breathe, rather than chew, chocolate.

To accompany this chocolate substitute, designed to curb our sweet tooth, Edwards' company recently unveiled Le Whif Coffee on Harvard's campus. Identical to Le Whif Chocolate in function, this breathable coffee powder contains the same amount of caffeine as an espresso. While there are few greater joys for us than sinking our teeth into a piece of chocolate or sipping our morning cup of java, we have to admit that these sprayable alternatives are quite intriguing. And Edwards is taking his idea even further: He's enlisted French chef Thierry Marx to help create new varieties of Le Whif, including aerosol spices, cheeses and liqueurs. Le mistake or le magnifique?

SHOP NOW: Le Whif Chocolate and Coffee, approximately $2.50

  • Could a chocolate spray actually satisfy your craving for the real thing?

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So Bad It's Good
Get A Calorie-Free Chocolate Fix
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