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Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas

10 things never to say to brides

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  • 8. "Can I bring my kids?"

    “We made it clear that the reception will be adults-only, since there will be music with explicit lyrics," says Kathleen—but that hasn't stopped guests from asking to make an exception for their kids. "The decision not to include children isn't usually one made lightly," says Post. "So asking to bring your kids is inconsiderate—and unfair to guests arranging childcare. If it really upsets you, decline the invitation." The same goes for dates. Unsure if you get a plus-one or if your children can come? “The names of invited guests appear on the envelope," says Post. "If it says, 'Mr. and Mrs. Weinberger,' then that's it. If it says, ‘The Weinberger Family,' then everybody under the roof is invited."

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    9. "Why aren't you inviting your dad?"

    Kathleen's fraught relationship with her father led her to exclude him from the wedding—a choice that left some guests wondering why. "When someone asks about it, I want to snap, 'Cause I'm not. Deal with it!' says Kathleen. If you find out a bride isn't inviting a close relative, pause before asking why. "No matter how curious you might be, it's hurtful to make the bride explain herself," says Post. "If you don't already know the answer, it's probably because she doesn't want to talk about it with you." Instead of prying, ask what you can do to help with the wedding, or take her out for a drink, in case she's feeling overwhelmed by family drama.

Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas
10 things never to say to brides
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