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Cheaters, Deconstructed

An Expert Divulges Why Men Stray

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    "Ultimately, every man has the potential to cheat, but the man who commits to be loyal is most likely not to give into temptation," says Wanis. "Men who have no self-discipline, self-control or morality will easily betray their partner." Given the recent slew of high-profile cheating scandals, men in positions of power appear highly susceptible. "They often become corrupted into thinking that they are invincible, the rules don't apply to them, and they are entitled to having any and as many woman as possible," says Wanis. "Power is an aphrodisiac to women, and women throw themselves at powerful men." He also points out that men feeling powerless in their own relationships "will seek out submissive and powerless women for affairs—think Arnold Schwarzenegger and his maid." He points to another well-known politician, Bill Clinton, who summed it up best: "I think I did something for the worst possible reason—just because I could."

Cheaters, Deconstructed
An Expert Divulges Why Men Stray
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