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Decisions, Decisions

Should you trust your gut?

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  • So how reliable is this feeling that's perceived through your body? Despite the false truism that emotions get in the way of rational thinking, studies show that people with higher trust in their feelings are able to better predict the outcome of certain events—who will win "American Idol" or how a stock will do—than those with lower trust in their feelings. "There's a lot of evidence that feelings contain valuable information," says Pham. "Feeling is not the antithesis of reason. The two go hand in hand."

    In fact, having too much factual information on a given situation—a job offer, a bet, a love interest—can actually lead to us making decisions that are more risky than if we had just relied on our initial gut instinct. "Often, ignorance can allow your intuition to lead you to better decisions," says Peter Ayton, a professor of psychology at City University London. "The more complicated the information, the worse the correspondence between our intuitive and analytic minds becomes."

Decisions, Decisions
Should you trust your gut?
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