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So This Is Love?

The Author of "Girl Land" Explores Generational Shifts in Dating

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  • I'm also struck by how much girls still love dances. Many schools are cutting down on the number of dances and formals they hold because of the danger and drama of the afterparties that go along with them. But parents can get together, find a community center or hall, and help kids plan and hold an event that girls will love and that offers them a way to relate to boys that is offline, in real time, chaperoned and fun.

    Sure, these kinds of events will require more time and effort from adults. They will also engender a lot of eye-rolling and groaning from the kids—teenagers are hardwired to tell you that organized activities are "stupid" and "babyish." But once they are in attendance, they usually have a wonderful time. Best of all, these structured and chaperoned activities give girls a chance at forming relationships with boys where respect and affection come before physical activity of any kind—and that is always in girls' best interest.

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So This Is Love?
The Author of "Girl Land" Explores Generational Shifts in Dating
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