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Thanks, But No Thanks

10 compliments men hate getting

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    You may think saying your husband looks cute trying to fix the lawn mower is music to his ears, but he's hearing a different tune. Women's words of praise can sit the wrong way with their spouses. Sometimes emotional responses, like frustration and excitement, creep into compliments and unintentionally wound guys' pride. “When giving a compliment, put it in the best light possible to show you really appreciate him,” says Match.com relationship expert Whitney Casey. Here, experts dish on 10 compliments that could use a man-friendly makeover.

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    1. "It's so sweet you want to help me clean up, but I can do it faster myself."

    While you may have certain chores down to a science, your man may not. Be gracious when he offers to ease the load, and don't comment on his glacial pace. "We're all guilty of it. You've had a long day and want things done as quickly as possible so you can relax," says Casey. “But men hate feeling like they're not good enough for you—and he'll think you're calling him slow with that comment." Instead, use the extra time you spend on dishes to catch up on each other's day. Above all, tell him you appreciate him wanting to help.

Thanks, But No Thanks
10 compliments men hate getting
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