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We Got Remarried — to Each Other!

One Couple Shares Their Story

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  • Do you have any advice for couples wanting to reunite?

    Max: Definitely get some professional counseling if you're serious about getting back together. Listen to your partner and don't let the little things get in the way — go for the bigger picture. When you get remarried, you have to make a difference going forward: You don't want to fall back into what got you divorced in the first place, so you have to be a little more serious about the second time.

    Abby: You really need to get over whatever was wrong with the relationship the first time. I don't think we would be where we are today if we had brought those issues with us into our new relationship.

    How did the decision to get remarried come about?

    Abby: The love we felt for each other was more important than the issues that made us divorce. We couldn't move on from not being a couple. Even though I was madder than a hornet about some things, day after day of not being together gave way to the fact that I love [Max] with all my heart. We just agreed that we needed to get married and start all over again — just like we were two crazy kids.

    Max: We realized that our issues were ones we could deal with, which is why we entered counseling. There wasn't anything preventing us from getting back together, just things to work through. The core thing was that we still loved and cared about each other. We just needed a little help.

We Got Remarried — to Each Other!
One Couple Shares Their Story
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