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Oh, No You Didn't

10 things never to say to a single mom

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  • 5. "Children need fathers for male role models."

    A father isn't the only type of man who can serve as a role model for a child. Between grandparents, uncles, friends, teachers and hey, maybe even the mother's boyfriend, a single mom's child likely has a positive male role model in his life. "My older brother coaches my son's baseball team," notes *Joy, a single mom. Even without a male father figure, research shows it's the quality of the relationship that the child has with the participating parent that matters the most—just look at how far Barack Obama came as the child of a single mother. Joy agrees; "My son has no relationship with his father, but we're like peas and carrots."

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    6. "Where's your child?"

    "When it came up that I was a single mom, a woman at the bar asked, 'Wait, where's your kid now?'" says *Jenny. It was 11 PM on a Friday night, so she was taken aback by this question. "He's home sleeping and his grandmother is watching him," Jenny snapped. And this wasn't the first time Jenny was out without her child that someone speculated about his whereabouts. "It's rude to ask a single mom where her child is if she's out enjoying the evening," explains Dr. Klungness. "When any type of sound parent steps out for adult fun, it means they've made arrangements for their child. End of story."

Oh, No You Didn't
10 things never to say to a single mom
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